Let it Dangle and it May Tangle…

Console in DistressThe other day, we received two Suunto Cobra dive computer/consoles in for service. Both came from dive instructors in Hawaii; one from Kauai and the other from the Kona coast of the big island.

One of the two consoles needed little more than battery replacement; the other was totally ruined. Its face was scratched beyond recognition. The compass had been shattered and, according to the letter that accompanied the console, not only did the computer fail to operate, the console itself leaked air at a prodigious rate.

Both consoles were about the same age and had received roughly the same amount of use. Why, then, was one in nearly “as new” condition when the other represented what was, effectively, an $800+ loss? The answer is that, where the undamaged console had been properly secured to its owner’s BC, the other had been allowed to dangle freely and made frequent contact with the bottom.

The peril of the “Danglies” »