It’s not the years. It’s not the mileage. It’s both.

How often does a regulator need service? Does it need work if it has received little or no use? What happens when a regulator is serviced?

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Aqua Lung Titan Regulator


The Buoyancy Control Pyramid

You can’t build a solid structure without a strong foundation. And while BC use is an important skill, it is not the most critical factor in buoyancy control.

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The Buoyancy Control Pyramid


Air Sharing: What We Teach and Why

There is more to sharing air than just grabbing a second stage and passing it. You have to be prepared for a variety of possibilities. Are you?

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Air Source for sharing air

“If it Dangles, it May Tangle…”

Dangling consoles and alternate second stages pose a danger to you, other divers and the environment. Find out why, and what you can do to avoid this peril.

No Danglies!