Controlling Rate of Ascent

Low pressure inflator hoseIf you choose to go the integrated alternate-air-source inflator route, it’s important to remember that you must have a means of controlling your rate of ascent when breathing from what is normally your BC’s manual deflation mechanism.

  • SeaQuest equips the Air Source with its own special airway (large-diameter inflation/deflation hose). This “Trim Line” airway has a special holding point, mid-way down the inflation hose, which users can pull on to activate the BC’s Rapid Exhaust valve, located on the left shoulder. Conventional BC airways lack this feature.

Scuba BC

  • Newer SeaQuest BCs also have a dump valve on the right shoulder, activated by a remote pull cord.

This means that, even should a diver be breathing from his Air Source, he still has two additional ways to vent air from his BC and, thus, keep his rate of ascent under control.

If you have questions about air sharing procedures or equipment, feel free to call or e-mail us.