Getting it Under Control

Octopus Control: Underseas Scuba Center sells a wide variety of devices for securing alternate second stages, from manufacturers such as Cetacea, Trident and Dive Rite. Most of our customers, however, avoid the need to secure such a second stage altogether. How? By equipping their new SeaQuest or AquaLung BC with a SeaQuest Air Source.

  • The Air Source combines the functions of a BC power inflator and alternate second stage in a single unit.
  • When needed, you simply give the out-of-air diver your primary second stage (which is the fastest and best way to get air to someone in need), then pick up and begin breathing from the Air Source.
  • While surfacing, you can control your rate of ascent by either pulling down on the Air Source hose to activate the shoulder-mounted Rapid Exhaust, or use the pull cord for the right-hand shoulder exhaust, which is something that comes with most new SeaQuest BCs.

Attachment Points

Console Control: All new Suunto consoles (as well as those from most other manufacturers) come with multiple attachment points to which you can install a variety of hardware.

Cetacea, in particular, makes a wide variety of such devices, ranging from simple clips to high-tech retractors.

The best place to attach such hardware is to a D-ring mounted directly on your BC. One thing you will want to avoid, however, is clipping off to the D-rings found at the end of your BC’s shoulder adjustment strap, as this does little to decrease the amount of dangle.


Console Mounting


What should you do if your old BC lacks shoulder-mounted and other D-rings designed specifically for clipping off consoles and second stages? Or if your console lacks attachment points for installing clips or other hardware? These are signs that it may be time to replace your out-of-date equipment with more modern gear that is both safer and environmentally friendly.

If we can answer further questions concerning getting your dangling equipment under control, don’t hesitate to contact us.