Pack It Right and Ship It

We’re all too frequently amazed by the degree of foolishness people demonstrate when sending us expensive dive computers and consoles. We’ve seen divers cavalierly toss an $800 computer in a standard mailing envelope, only to act surprised with the computer arrives damaged (or the envelope arrives without the computer in it).

Bear in mind that Underseas Scuba Center is responsible for the safety and well being of your dive computer or console only when it is in our possession. We are not responsible for damage or loss in transit.

To help ensure that your dive computer has the best possible chance of arriving at our doorstep undamaged (and that you are covered against loss if it does not), follow these steps:

Step One Do the Paperwork: Download, print out and complete the Suunto Service Work Order form, using the link appearing in the right-hand column. Make a copy for yourself. Pack the original in the same box you use to ship your computer or console to us.


Step Two Step TwoGet the right container The corrugated cardboard box you use to ship your computer or console to us should be at least 2.0 inches/5.0 cm larger on every side than your computer or console is.


Step Three Step ThreeWrap it up Wrap your computer or console in a double layer of bubble wrap (or similar material). Bubble wrap is available at most large office supply stores. Use tape to ensure the bubble wrap does not come open. (Note: If small quantities of bubble wrap are not available, you may be able to use a padded mailing envelope to accomplish the same goal.)


Step Four Step FourPack it right Center your bubble-wrapped computer or console in its cardboard box, surrounded a generous helping of packing peanuts or similar material (also available at most large office supply stores).


Step Five Step FiveTape it securely The flaps on both the top and bottom of your shipping container should be secured with a minimum of three strips of approved package sealing tape.


Step Six Insure its safety Things do get lost or damaged in shipping. Insure your package for its full replacement value.


Read about important Suunto Service Policies


For service on Suunto, AquaLung and other dive computers, you will need to download and complete our Suunto Service Work Order (PDF) and send it to us, along with your computer.

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