Travel Opportunities for Individuals, Couples and Small Groups

Dive travel for couples and small groupsIf your travel schedule does not coincide with ours, we also offer travel opportunities for individuals, couples and small groups. We are intimately familiar with most popular dive destinations and facilities in the Caribbean and South Pacific. As with our group trips, we promote only those destinations that offer excellent vacation opportunities and values for our clients.

When customers consistently have a good time, we recommend the places they have been again and again. Conversely, we steer travelers away from destinations that don't enjoy a reputation for service and value. Remember: Dive vacations are not created equal. That's why it's important to rely on experienced travel experts for advice.

Another reason so many divers use Underseas Scuba Center to help with their individual/small group travel arrangements is our buying power. For two people traveling to most destinations on a private trip, we are often able to get the same price we would for a group of divers. This means savings you may not be able to obtain on your own.

Find Out More

Here is how you can find out more about Underseas Scuba Center's opportunities for individuals, couples and small groups:

Stop By: Underseas Scuba Center has an extensive collection of color brochures and article reprints on the destinations popular among our individual travelers. A visit to Underseas Scuba Center will enable you to compare information on several destinations, as well as to speak at length to one of our experienced dive travel specialists.

Phone/Fax/E-Mail: If you don't live in the immediate Chicago area, you can also contact us by phone, fax or e-mail. We will be happy to answer your questions or send you any information you need.

An Important Reminder
Hotel space at and airline seats to the Caribbean and Pacific's most popular destinations fill up far in advance -- especially during popular holiday seasons. That's why we always encourage you to sign up early for the vacation of your choice. Making your travel arrangements early will also help you get the best air fare and a wider selection of accommodations and other options.