The intuitive i3 will change the way you dive forever. With this innovative technology, a lever controls your ascent and descent. It’s that simple.
It’s diving made easier — take control of yourself.


The i3 allows you to take control of your diving. Mastering buoyancy control is one of the most difficult skills to learn. The i3 not only makes the skill easier but eliminates potential out-of-control-ascents caused by a diver reaching for the wrong dump valve. The i3 also allows for rapid location and activation of the inflator to establish buoyancy at the surface in case of an emergency.

The i3 is simple and intuitive. Move the lever up to go up; down to go down.

Unlike a traditional inflator at the end of a floppy hose, the i3 never moves. It is stationary at the same location where your left hand normally rests. It is always in the right place at the right time.

The i3 does not utilize pneumatics or hydraulics to activate the Flat E-Valves. Therefore, there is no possibility of failure due to leaks. Using push-rod technology, as found in aircraft, the design remains simple and robust.

The i3 is just plain fun to use.

 Flat E-Valves

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