Suunto SME and SME/ML


The SME AND SME/ML are wrist-mounted dive computers that were among the very first Suunto ever made. Neither was Nitrox capable.

  • The SME was unique in that it worked the US Navy dive tables exactly as one would experience them if using a standard depth gauge and timer.
  • The SME/ML added the multi-level capability that has been standard on every computer since then.

The SME series has not been in production for years.

What Does It Need?

Normal service on this model involves periodic battery replacement. Indications that it is time for battery replacement include:

  • A “low battery” indicator appears, as covered in the Owners Manual.
  • The computer was functioning properly when last used; however, after a period of inactivity, it simply will not turn on.
  • The computer will turn on but shuts down shortly afterword, or displays erroneous information.

The cost for battery replacement is US$45, plus return shipping costs.

More extensive problems may require additional parts and labor — or even replacement. If this is the case, we will contact you with an estimate of the total cost and ask for your approval before continuing.