Suunto Companion


The Companion is a wrist-mounted dive computer that can track multi-level air dives but is not Nitrox-capable. It is no longer in production.

What Does It Need?

Normal service on this model involves periodic battery replacement. Indications that it is time for battery replacement include:

  • A “low battery” indicator appears, as covered in the Owners Manual.
  • The computer was functioning properly when last used; however, after a period of inactivity, it simply will not turn on.
  • The computer will turn on but shuts down shortly afterword, or displays erroneous information.

The cost for battery replacement is US$45, plus return shipping costs. Non-potted battery models only.

Early model Companions with potted battery are not serviceable due to the batteries are no longer available.

More extensive problems generally mean that the computer is no longer repairable.

You should also be aware that, should a battery on one of these older Companion models become totally drained, the computer cannot be repaired.