Newer Suunto Favor/Suunto Fusion

FavorNewer Favors came in both wrist and console mounted models. They track users' exposure to multi-level air dives, but are not Nitrox-capable. These models have been largely replaced by the Gekko.

The Fusion is a wrist- or console-mounted dive computer that can track multi-level air dives but is not Nitrox-capable. It is no longer in production.

What Does It Need?

Normal service on these models involves periodic battery replacement. Indications that it is time for battery replacement include:

  • A “low battery” indicator appears, as covered in the Owners Manual.
  • The computer was functioning properly when last used; however, after a period of inactivity, it simply will not turn on.
  • The computer will turn on but shuts down shortly afterword, or displays erroneous information.

The cost for battery replacement is US$45, plus return shipping costs.

More extensive problems may require additional parts and labor — or even replacement. If this is the case, we will contact you with an estimate of the total cost and ask for your approval before continuing.